Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy 2016 Re-Start Specials

Happy New Year

We hope that this post finds you well!

If you are anything like me, then you have made a few resolutions for 2016.  I actually am actually making a few solid resolutions for this year (one of them is to post more blog entries)!

Many people make self-promises to get healthy by exercising, eating healthier, losing weight, being more mindful, being more positive...

If one of yours' is to eat healthier and/or lose a bit of "holiday" weight, a re-start of Pro-Delite may be just what you need!  We have found over the years that a carbohydrate restricted diet like Pro-Delite (for 2 weeks or longer)  is a terrific way to detox from the holiday sugar extravaganza and re-start the year healthy.

To help our past dieters get a great start to 2016, we have 2 re-start options.

Option 1:
Pro-Delite protocol and other information handouts
6 boxes of Pro-Delite food
2 weeks of multi-vitamin
$99.00 (normal price $125.00)

Option 2:
Pro-Delite protocol and other information handouts
12 boxes of Pro-Delite food
4 weeks of multi-vitamin
$189.00 (normal price $250.00)

We are carrying the following:  cocoa cereal, cinnamon vanilla cereal, BBQ chips, caramel crunch bars, peanut butter crunch bars, proticcino, hot chocolate, pineapple-orange drink, wildberry drink, chocolate drink, chocolate & vanilla pudding.

Special food orders can be accommodated with larger orders.

We will have limited availability for private coaching but Dr.Jerry will be posting to our blog regularly.  He will also be available by telephone (by appointment) and by e-mail. 

**These re-start programs are exclusively for past dieters familiar with Pro-Delite.  Prospective/New dieters will be advised to attend a new dieter workshop and have a personal consultation with one of our coaches before beginning the program.

Food quantities are somewhat limited call in your orders today!

Thanks and remember that our health is determined by how we eat, move and think!


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