Monday, January 11, 2016

Carbohydrate Intake Recommendations

As most of you know, the Pro-Delite program is based on restriction of carbohydrate consumption to switch your metabolism to a fat burning state (ketosis).  We often get questions about the total grams of carbohydrates that you should consume daily to achieve a fat burning metabolism.

There are many graphs and charts available on-line that do a great job of outlining recommendations. The best numbers that I have found are from "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson.  Mark is an authority when it comes to the Paleolithic diet and has a resource called "The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve" that is excellent and simple to understand.

He defines the following ranges of carbohydrate intake:

0-50 grams per day:  This intake will put you in ketosis and is great for rapid fat loss.

50-100 grams per day:  This will put you in a metabolic state (sweet spot) for weight loss.  This will promote steady fat loss. (THIS IS THE OPTIMAL RANGE FOR MOST PRO-DELITE DIETERS)

100-150 grams per day:  This intake is described as the maintenance zone.  After achieving your weight loss goal...this is your desired range for lifestyle maintenance of your weight.

150-300 grams per day:  This level of consumption is the insidious weight gain zone.  Carbohydrate consumption will sneak up on even the most "healthy eaters" in the form of breads, cereals, fruit, rice....Daily consumption at this level will promote slow steady weight (fat)gain.

300+ grams per day:  The level promotes excess production of  insulin and you will store excess fat as a result.  This is considered a danger zone of consumption.

I personally use the above graph to monitor my daily intake and I think it is a fabulous resource for you as you monitor your carb intake!

Remember that your health is determined by how you eat, move and think...


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